Agave isthmensis 'Butterfly'

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The Agave ‘Butterfly’ will make a great addition to your desert plant collection. This smaller variety of agave works well as an indoor plant because of its compact growth habits. We’ve potted this one with our special cacti soil mix, in a terra-cotta pot with drainage hole.

LIGHT Indoors, the Agave ‘Butterfly” requires bright light, like a sunny, south-facing window. Outdoors, it prefers bright filtered light.

WATER Water deeply then allow to dry thoroughly before watering again. Water slowly at the base of the plant (avoid wetting the plant itself) until water comes out the drainage hole. Watering frequency will depend on time of year and amount of light received, but a good starting point is every 2-4 weeks in the warmer Spring and Summer months, and every 4-6 weeks from late Fall through Winter.

SIZE Approximately 10"H X 6"W (Pot Size: 6”D)