Ponytail Palm - Beaucarnea recurvata

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The Ponytail Palm is among our favorite indoor plants for a number of reasons! We love the contrast of its bulb-like trunk and long, lush curly leaves. As its name suggests, it is reminiscent of a small palm tree, but it is actually a succulent. It is the perfect plant for a busy plant parent because it' very easy to care for and loves to be left alone to bask in the sun. It is also non-toxic, making it great for homes with animals and babies. We've potted this one with our succulent soil blend in a unique ceramic pot with drainage hole. 

LIGHT Prefers bright light, but only requires it half of the time. We recommend putting it outside to get sun in the summer months and then bringing it inside during the cooler months when it will tolerate lower light conditions.

WATER Allow the soil to dry out between waterings and then water thoroughly and allow to drain completely (about every 2-3 weeks & even less in winter).

SIZE Approximately  21" H X 26" W (Pot Size: 6" D)