Bird of Paradise - Strelitzia nicolai

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The Bird of Paradise is considered the queen of the indoor plant world and will make a dramatic statement in any space! Its large, glossy leaves fan out, giving your space an instant indoor jungle feel. With proper care, it can grow to over six feet indoors. We’ve potted this one with rich, well-draining soil in a stoneware pot with drainage hole.

LIGHT The Bird of Paradise can handle medium indirect light but will be happiest in a sunny spot near a bright window. The splits in the upper leaves naturally allow light to access the lower leaves of the plant.

WATER They do best with a regular watering schedule. Keep the soil somewhat moist during the warmer growing season, but during the cooler months, allow it to dry out between waterings. Use filtered, distilled or rainwater when possible, as they are sensitive to the salt levels in tap water. They appreciate occasional misting between waterings.

SIZE Approximately 6'H X 4'W (Pot Size: 13”D)

*Due to the size of this plant, it requires special delivery. We will contact you to make arrangements.