Ctenanthe setosa 'Silver Star'

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The Silver Star has variegated, silver leaves with green veins and deep purple undersides. Ctenanthe are part of the Marantaceae family, often called ‘Prayer Plants’ because as the light changes in the evening, the leaves rise upwards like two hands in prayer. Be mindful that lack of chemical-free water or proper humidity may cause the edges of the leaves to brown. We’ve potted this in a sculptural ceramic pot with premium soil for tropical plants.

LIGHT Ctenanthe prefer bright, filtered light but will also tolerate moderate to low light conditions. Too much sun will cause the leaves to fade.

WATER Keep the soil consistently moist. Water with filtered, distilled or rainwater as these plants are particularly sensitive to chemicals in tap water. Mist frequently to add humidity.

SIZE Approximately 18" H X  12" W (Pot Size: 8" D)