Monvillea spegazzini 'Crestata'

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This rare crested version of Moonlight Cactus has a bluish purple, marbled color and unique sculptural effect. When given proper conditions it will reward you with large, rose-tinged, white flowers that bloom at night. We’ve potted this desert beauty with our special blend of cactus soil in a terra-cotta pot with a filtered drainage hole.

LIGHT Prefers bright light from a south or west facing window, or partial shade when kept outdoors.

WATER Allow the plant to dry out between waterings, then water slowly at the base of the plant until it comes out the drainage hole and allow to drain completely. Frequency will depend on time of year and amount of light received, but a good starting point is every 1-2 weeks in the warmer spring and summer months. Suspend watering in winter when the plant goes dormant.

SIZE Approximately 11”H X 8”W (Pot Size: 8"D)