Myrtillocactus geometrizans - Blue Myrtle

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Known for its bluish green hue, this attractive desert plant is a great addition to any collection. We’ve paired it with a modern ceramic piece and potted it using our special blend of cactus soil, with a filtered drainage hole for easy watering.

LIGHT Your plant will thrive with as much bright light as you can give it. Indoors, a sunny windowsill is perfect! Rotate as needed to promote even growth.

WATER Water slowly at the base of the plant until it comes out the drainage hole and allow to dry out completely before watering again. A good starting point is every 2-4 weeks in the warmer spring and summer months. Suspend watering in late fall through spring, when the plant is dormant.

SIZE Approximately 10”H X 6”W (Pot Size: 6"D)