Pencil Cactus - Euphorbia tirucalli

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The Pencil Cactus, or 'Sticks on Fire,' is not actually a Cacti but a Euphorbia. It has long, slender stems growing from a central base and during the cooler months turns a glowing pink-orange color! They can be grown indoors or out, but indoors it should be placed in a warm, sunny windowsill. We've potted this one with our special, well-draining succulent soil, topped with charcoal, in a unique ceramic pot with drainage hole.  

LIGHT Pencil Cactus flourish in bright light. Outdoors it can be grown in full sun and indoors it should be grown in a bright south or west facing window. 

WATER Allow the soil to dry out completely between waterings and then water thoroughly and let drain completely. Water every 2-3 weeks, depending on light received, and reduce frequency in the winter months.

SIZE Approximately 22" H X 18" W (Pot Size: 6" D)  

** This plant contains a toxic latex sap that is released if the plant is injured & can cause severe irritation. We recommend wearing gloves when handling and keeping away from children & pets! **