Philodendron ‘Cordatum’

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This classic, heart-shaped Philodendron is nearly 8 feet long, making it a stunning way to add drama to your space! It is both beautiful and very easy to care for! It adapts well to a range of lighting conditions so it will work in a variety of spaces. Pothos are excellent living air purifiers that remove toxins from your space. These extra long hanging baskets are very hard to come by!

LIGHT Prefer medium to bright, indirect light but will also tolerate lower light conditions.

WATER Allow the soil to dry out almost completely before watering thoroughly (every 1-2 weeks). Look for wilting leaves as a sign that it’s time to water. Water more often during the growing season and reduce frequency in cooler months.

SIZE Approximately 8' H X 2' W (Pot Size: 8" HB)